A European project

The Flex Picture Ebook project is an Erasmus+ project which brings together 7 Structures from 4 European countries:


Les Doigts Qui Rêvent

The association behind the project.A non-profit publishing company founded 30 years ago, its aim is to ensure that all visually impaired children have access to books and reading, in France and elsewhere. Les Doigts Qui Rêvent is a genuine resource centre, offering workshops for young people to help raise awareness and understanding, as well as numerous training courses for professionals in the field of visual impairment.
(+33) 03 80 59 22 88
Sophie Blain

Toulouse Institute for Young Blind People

A medical and social establishment set up in 1866 to provide education and vocational training for visually impaired children and adults. Every year, the IJA welcomes more than 550 visually impaired users, with or without associated disabilities, and offers support for schooling in a mainstream environment or in specialised classes within the institute.




Our ambition is to change the way people look at invisible differences and to help young people with atypical profiles to access social and professional life. We are putting in place a range of innovative, scalable inclusion solutions for people with diagnosed disabilities. We encourage a paradigm shift in thinking about difference. Long seen through the prism of pathology, we see invisible disabilities (ASD, ADHD, DYS, etc.) as an invitation to build a different kind of society.



Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) : The JKU is a regional university with a strong heritage and an international focus. With over 23,000 registered students and 175 professors, it comprises four schools and offers over 1,000 courses. Institut Integriert Studieren (IIS) is a student support and research institute focusing on social integration, e-accessibility and inclusive education. It supports over 100 disabled students and conducts research projects at local and international level. It is also the main promoter of the International Conference on Computers Assisting People with Disabilities (ICCHP), which is a world leader in the field of digital inclusion.
(+43) 732 2468 3764
Valentin Salinas-López MSc.


Robert Hollman Foundation : Dutch private organisation that provides free advice and developmental support to visually impaired children and their families and engages with local professionals, medical, scientific and social communities to jointly improve clinical practice and research, training and cultural promotion.

(+39) 328 3912562
Enrica Polato

"In the picture appears on the right the outline of a child's face looking spellbound at the beam of bright coloured fibre optics that the therapist holds in front of her eyes. The Robert Hollman Foundation has chosen to present itself through one of the many moments of work done with children in one of its two Centres (Padua and Cannero Riviera), where rehabilitation is achieved through relationships, play and sometimes amazement".


Establishments for people with visual and hearing impairments that offer a range of personal services and information and awareness-raising activities to the general population, with the aim of helping to build a truly inclusive society with regard to sensory, visual and hearing impairments.
Roberta Zumiani

The picture shows an AbilNova rehabilitator working with a blind child on the development of tactile skills, necessary for harmonious development. The skills the child learns at AbilNova are then transferred to the kindergarten with the help of the specialised AbilNova educator, who is present at the school.
The child and the rehabilitator are in the AbilNova gymnasium, there are materials for psychomotricity and a small table, suitable for kindergarten children. The girl and the rehabilitator are using wooden geometric shape games, made by AbilNova, to stimulate tactile recognition of shapes, size and thickness. The wooden toys have saturated colours, which also facilitate visual recognition by visually impaired children.



LASUC (Lithuanian Education Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired) is a budgetary institution, a state school where children with visual impairments and other complex disabilities study. Its mission is to provide pedagogical support to the country’s general education schools in the implementation of inclusive education and to develop a child who is creative, open to the community, responsible for his or her own maturity and ready to lead an independent life.
(+370) 64920417
Indrė Žvirblė /

 Front entrance of the Lithuanian Blind and Visually Impaired Education Center