Ben wants a bat

EPUB3 illustrated accessible


Ben wants a bat. That’s that. That’s the way it is! Émile wants a bat. A real one. One that flies at night. And Émile isn’t stubborn: he’s very, very, very stubborn.

In this innovative digital adaptation developed by LDQR, children can customise the way the text is displayed, as well as the illustrations! It’s a book that adapts to each child, according to his or her needs, for greater reading comfort and full, independent access to the pleasure of reading an illustrated album.


  • 5 levels of detail for each illustration
  • A “pointing” function to isolate each element
  • A “zoom” function on each element
  • Black and white option
  • 13 visual animations


  • 6 font choices
  • 4 background colours
  • Option to activate highlighting


  • Possibility of activating or deactivating the story read by an actor
  • Choice of reading speed
  • Sound effects and ambience

On Ipad / MAC : Books application
On Android : Reasily / Readium Mobile application
On PC: Thorium application

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