For parents and for teachers

1) Download the teaching guide

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2) Download the appendices to the teaching guide


b_Noise effects in the order of their appearance in the story

c) 2 colouring pages to print

“Classic” Colouring



Adapted coloring

This adapted colouring file for severely visually impaired children can be used in 2 ways: printing with conventional ink, or printing to inflate the ink with a PIAF oven. In the 2nd case, the tactile outlines will help children locate the areas to be colored.

d-Files of relief drawings to download for printing and inflation in the PIAF oven

relief bat & octopus

relief ben and the bat

relief ben flaps wings bat folded wing

relief cave and bats

relief mosquito mouse

3) Alternative texts for images

During the development of the digital book, an alternative text was included for each image so that blind readers could also access the content of the images. Each alternative text is read by a computer-generated voice using assistive software. If you prefer to read the texts aloud yourself for young blind children, you can download them in PDF format.

For publishers

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For digital book developers

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